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Let us change our culture.
We are not getting rich working for others.
I love PISOPRINT Digital Photo Prinitng Business
We are printing document (Black text) for as low as PISO others give you 3 pesos each. And we use substance 20/24 premium copy paper for higher-quality prints of your projects, paper works, etc.
Colored text document for as low as 2 pesos each others 5 pesos or even 10 pesos.
We are your cheapest neighborhood printing shop and high-quality digital photo printing business.
We print your thesis, paper works, resume, ebooks, school programs, lesson plans, research studies, and others.
Look for us along Tanglaw Road, just a minute walk from NHA Avenue, right after Talitha Cumi Academy and before you reach Bagong Nayon 4 Elementary School and near Bagong Nayon 2 National High School.
From Bagong Nayon II National High School/Bagong Nayon 2 Elementary/MaryOwn Normal School/Bagong Nayon 2 Christian School - just a 3-minute walk
We are also a walk away from R.E.C. School and The Lord Is My Shepherd (TLIMS)School.
Just a 5-10-minute ride from Antipolo National High School, Western Antipolo Mission School or from Cogeo Gate 2 (take a ride to Padilla and drop-off to Tanglaw Street).
We are near Steel Homes Subdivision, UPECHO, Antipolo District Hospital, Town and Country Hills, St. Camillus Medical Clinic.
See you in our shops and wish to be of business with you!!!

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Aloha Photo Creations accidentally started as a hobby on printing invitation cards, calling cards, and printing pictures. It all started using a Pentium 4 computer and an Epson Stylus C90 printer. On May 28, 2008, we posted a tarpaulin just outside our house with our services like photo printing, desktop publishing and digital rush ID with the word "PISOPRINT" as the catching line.

After about two months, our current Epson C90 can not outwork the demands of our photo printing and some of our print jobs are scheduled the next day to finished. That's when we decided to purchase a much faster printer, an Epson Stylus Photo R230. The print quality and speed of our new printer were greatly increased as much as our number of customers. A plastic laminator was already been acquired due to customer's demand of plastic lamination. After only 6 month, we acquired another Epson R230 and another computer workstation to cater our additional services. A Mikrotek scanner was also been purchased for recopying, reducing and enlarging of pictures and IDs. A higher megapixel digital camera is also purchased for the class pictures and graduation pictures of various schools in our locality. At present we have 4 Epson R230 printers (two working and two backup in case the other fails) and two Epson T10 printers.

On December 2009. we tried to post advertisements online to sell our templates to others who may want to venture in digital photo printing business. And also provided a tutorials on how to start this kind of business. We also included a one-on-one tutorials in our DVD package. We have only 3 DVDs of templates then, and eventually rose to 5, then 8, then 16 and now have 20 DVDs that includes more than 40,000 of great templates that can be use for starting up a photo printing business as a solo business or add-in business to present business. Our customers via online spread throughout the entire Philippines, from Laoag and Aparri to Jolo, Sulu

The key commodity of our package is the automation for Photoshop we have research due to own necessity because our customers grew up tremendously that the usual manual drag-and-drop would not suffice anymore. With the research method, now even elementary kids can do Photoshop the funniest way ever. We now creating a script to further advance the business processes and thus gain more income.

On our 3rd year in the business - May 28, 2011, we have ventured on other digital printing business and purchased heat press machine for personalized printing for t-shirts, jackets, apron, baby dresses, pillow cases and others. Also acquired heavy-duty button pin press for expression buttons, badges, and many more for added services and of course added income. We also accept PVC ID for schools, companies, organizations, for their visitors ID pass, students, employees, privilege cards, and the likes. This service comes with ID laces with clamp or logo pins. Some of our clients include Ateneo de Manila High School Department, Reedley International School, Liceo del Verbo Divino, D and A International Corporation, Trez Alas Corporation, Airspeed International Corporation and Montessori Children's House of Learning, to name a few. We will soon create a dedicated web page for all our clients (if you have a website, email us then we will link to it). Thank you to all for the trust.

Last April 30, 2011, we started training other entrepreneurs who currently in the business or planning to do the same business, and share them our knowledge and experiences we acquired on doing this business. To do this we added four units of PC for the actual training or for tutorials.

On November 2011, we also purchased sublimation printer for doing digital prints on ID lace and later acquired mug press for mugs as Christmas give-aways, gift ideas and also wedding give-away.

For February 2012, we began making embroidered lace and also sell consumables in making ID laces like ID holder, hooks, logo button and multi-purpose press machine. Also, in this year, we acquired a heat press specifically for the purpose of making digital lanyards.

After five years, our business name Aloha's Photo Creations is no longer definitive of our products and services. And planned to change it as PISOPRINT Digital Printing Services, but unfortunately it wasn't approved by DTI Rizal for no given reason. The second choice of business name was then PINAS PRINT DIGITAL PRINTING SERVICES.

So, on January 17, 2014, Pinas Print Digital Printing Services was established and registered in DTI and BIR. Still, our website will be for the reason that so much SEO have been done that might be wasted if we change it right away.

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Address: Blk 40 Lot 48-49 Phase 3A, Bagong Nayon 2, Antipolo City
Tel. No. 02-212-8634
Mobile Number: 0929-8291805
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